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Big Time Pitch 

30 Min Sitcom


Audience -- Young people (college and younger, male and female), families.

Origin  --  As a young lady I would often giggle with friends about all the cutest boys in school. There were also times when boys we didn't think were cute became cute after getting to know them. Big Time is about 4 modestly handsome really good guys, 20-30 years-old, trying to get as much as they deserve in life.  

Characters -- Curtis (practical), Howie (often confuses things), Charles (a poet), and Art (overzealous student) don’t have the romantic partners or great friends they really want to live with.  They meet and end up living together.


Desires -- To find the balance between responsibility and wild times that will make for a great life.


Obstacles -- Personality conflicts in the house, looks, style, familial commitments, judgements of others, the real world.


Highlights -- Constant searches for women and more money leads to discovery of hidden talents.  They impress each other, and impress others in their lives with each other.

Open Road – In the pilot, the living situation will fall apart if they can’t get a 4th roommate.  They find Charles and with him, define themselves and gain status at the corner watering hole.  This could work.  The bus driver dates a famous comedienne, the student and newly serious business major gets overshadowed at a business event by the published poet, all four guys meet beautiful/ nerdy/ brilliant women. The elephant in the room is often their unfamiliarity with each other.  

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