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About Story Tiles Media

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Want to be part of Pittsburgh's  movie industry?

Hello, I'm Kirsten Wright.  My pen name is Keiko Hughes.  I began developing Story Tiles Media a few years ago.  I had been writing a lot of short scripts to improve my craft.  I loved doing it and though I am now focused on telling longer stories; I named my company Story Tiles Media to commemorate how I used shorts to get to where I feel confident about writing stories.  I recently watched a video where David Foster told Neil Young that he was flat on one part of a song.  Neil Young said, "that's my sound, man."  Everyone cracked up.  I laughed too because I went through a time when I seriously thought my mistakes were "my voice" as a writer.  Zoetrope Workshops set me straight.


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All About Story Tiles Media

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Story Tiles Media, (STM) is a socially conscious media company that fosters a culture of cooperation, respect, and dedication to the writing craft and explores complex and controversial ideas with heart and humor in the tradition of great entertainers of the world, past and present.

Our mission is to craft compelling character-driven stories that captivate audiences across various mediums, including print, stage, and screen and cater to the entire family. We strive to go beyond mere entertainment and deliver narratives that provoke thought, challenge norms, and explore complex and controversial ideas.

We envision a world where Story Tiles Media stands at the forefront of meaningful entertainment, empowering audiences to explore, question, and engage with the world around them.

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